Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Local women bring humor, experience to ‘Unqualified Therapists’ podcast”

November 16, 2021

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Local women bring humor, experience to ‘Unqualified Therapists’ podcast

There’s a pretty obvious reason why Amy Baumgardner and Sarah Simone decided to name their podcast “The Unqualified Therapists Inc.”: They are not therapists, nor are they qualified mental health professionals.

It’s a name Baumgardner, 42, of Whitehall, and Simone, 39, of Baldwin Borough, came up with over a couple of White Claws one day when they realized their natural chemistry and off-kilter brand of humor might lend itself well to a podcast.

To them, the moniker was a catchy way to explain that their mission is not to replace traditional therapists but rather to remove the stigma around the idea of seeking one through sharing stories about their own hard-earned life experiences.

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