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About the Unqualified Therapists

Follow along as Sarah and Amy, two badass women from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, share weekly episodes on their podcast Unqualified Therapists. We have quite a number of years full of "shit you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy" under our belts, but zero credentials to be giving out advice. We do have our experiences, our humor, and passion for stopping the stigma surrounding mental health.

Meet Amy & Sarah, podcasters set to rid the world of the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. They are dangerous: smart, funny, and uncensored.

Join them each week as they share their stories as well as their guest‘s stories in hopes that we all feel less alone.

Hey, we're
amy + sarah.
The unqualified therapists.

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"Two thumbs up!! Easy to listen to, heart touching and hilarious! These ladies both tell their stories, and are so relatable. They don't claim to be a therapist, however listening to their journeys dealing with mental health disorders, they are so open, real and raw with the topics they discuss. It's time to stop the mental health stigma, and these ladies are doing an awesome job at sharing the word. I've learned about awesome self healing books to read from them, that there are people out there that will open up to talk about the challenges of mental illness while being real talking and putting a positive spin on life's challenges. These ladies put a hilarious spin on deep topics to prove that there is hope and support for those struggling with mental illness or have a family member that does."

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- Amber D.

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